Our Specialty is Tightly Toleranced Parts

Precision Injection Molding

When you have proven your prototype concepts and built your production tooling, you expect your injection molding supplier to scale up quickly into full production. Your supplier has to deliver parts that consistently meet all your specifications. You want parts that are dimensionally and aesthetically correct. You need them in production quantities, and you do not have time to waste debugging a start-up.

We specialize in highly featured tightly toleranced component parts, usually molded from engineering resins and with inserts. Parts from Plastics and Concepts offer consistent performance, and they are delivered on time and priced right.

Our injection molding capability is the result of our skill and experience in tackling the hard jobs, making parts that ordinary injection molders will not touch. Technical know-how is our foundation.

Mastery of Process and Materials

Our closed loop injection molding process sets high standards for system efficiency and part quality, with a capacity that comfortably spans production volumes from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands.

The use of rigorous quality procedures and a history of working partnerships with customers and resign suppliers means that all your design challenges are satisfied. Throught our injection molding process, we employ strict quality control, inspection and maintenance procedures. Our ability to respond to requirements for zero defects and JIT deliveries has freed many of our customers from the burden of incoming inspection.

We can assemble components, trim, drill, tap, label and custom package, as you require.

Count on Plastics and Concepts

We think you will find Plastics and Concepts injection molding capability to be out of the ordinary. We have worked hard to earn and keep our reputation as a unique and reliable source for precision injection molded parts. And we value long term relationships with our customers.